Working hard has never been so satisfying, and I want to share my secrets with the world. I am Sade. A competitive Bikini BodyBuilder, certified Personal Trainer, and certified Nutritionist with a mission. This is my platform to inspire a healthy lifestyle that isn’t all about hours logged in the gym. I used to be out of touch with my true potential, way too busy with everything other than my well-being. I have cultivated a mentality that allows me to pursue my ambitious goals of health, happiness, and fitness while staying true to myself and having more fun than I imagined.

My fitness journey began in 2014. After getting married, I found myself at the end of my list of priorities. My petite frame wasn’t going to keep up with the weight I was gaining, and I knew something needed to change. Both my physical and mental health were deteriorating, and for what? I wanted my pride back, and I had an idea of how to get it.

The fitness inspiration on instagram sucked me right in. The ‘fitspo’ community became my motivator. They make it look so fun and easy, and that is what I wanted. I decided to reach further than most and dedicate myself to competitive Bikini BodyBuilding.

At first it was tough. I quickly realized that it would not be easy. The dieting alone had me wondering why I chose this for myself. But within just ONE WEEK, I could feel the benefits of healthy living. I was finally sleeping through the night, I was rested, I was happy, and I was hooked.

But how did instagram make it look so fun and easily attainable? The answer is simple: community. By embracing the online fitness world, I’ve attracted like-minded individuals who help me maintain motivation and keep my passion for healthy living thriving. Not only does my hard work give me the results I’m looking for, but I have been able to develop amazing relationships and have more fun than exercising alone could provide. I wanted a place to simplify the struggles and make time to enjoy the benefits, and that is exactly what I have created here.

The diet and exercise is critical, but I also want to help you reap the benefits that you work so hard for. I want everyone to know that it is possible. It is possible to still have time for yourself. It is possible to pursue other interests while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is possible to become a better version of yourself. I am proof.

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-Sade, The Fashionably Fit Life