What’s the hardest part of committing to fitness?

Keeping it up. Holding yourself responsible for your success. Maintaining the same level of dedication that got you here.

These issues are going to arise with everyone at some point in time. They throw you off your game and make progress slow or impossible. Sure, you’ve joined a gym and have taken a few group classes, which is the best way to start putting yourself out there! For that, you deserve some kudos. Now you need to focus on your goal’s specific needs.

A lot of the recently-inspired crowd doesn’t realize how important the perfect personal trainer is for those goals. Before you decide to take this journey by yourself or hire the first trainer you meet, keep reading.

Don’t Waste Your Energy

When you start working towards a fitness goal, wasting your energy is a waste of your time. Without a strategic plan, almost all of your energy is being wasted. You need to have a routine that works with your body and gets you headed towards your goal. Where does that come from?

You could copy a fitness routine from instagram and pair it with a googled meal plan. But this is one sure-fire way to waste that precious energy. You don’t want your hard-earned foundation to go unused. So what’s your best bet?

Hire a Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer at any stage in your fitness journey is the perfect way to make the most of your potential. In the podcast episode with Maggie, we discussed the value of a trainer. And we touched on some of the reasons why someone might put off that investment. Because after all, it is a service that comes with a price. But it also comes with quantifiable results and a undeniable benefits.

The Benefits

The benefits of a personal trainer will vary, but the right trainer will take you out of your comfort zone and get you to your goals effectively. Universally, a trainer will:

  • Give you a sense of accountability
  • Reduce the risk of injuring yourself
  • Increase results at a faster pace
  • Take you off of a plateau
  • Personalized meal and exercise plans fitted for your goals
  • Help you set those goals

…among other things. A trainer can do much more on a personal level as well. From pep talks to compassion.

Committing to a trainer will help you push yourself in a way that you can’t do alone. It will also get you connected with more like-minded people with the lifestyle you are working towards. So how do you pick the right person for the job?

What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

The person you choose to train with should be a good fit. This is a long-term commitment, and we already know you don’t want to waste your energy so why would you waste your money?

You wouldn’t, and you don’t have to! As Maggie said, once you join a gym, use the early days to scout out the trainers offered there.

Your personal trainer should be:

  • Professional

Your trainer should be educated and have the credentials to prove it. They should be able to answer any questions you have thoroughly and descriptive.

  • Knowledgable

Those descriptive answers should be flexible for you and your fitness needs. You don’t want a trainer with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Your goals aren’t going to always match everyone else’s. Here is a list of questions to ask during the hiring process.

  • Attentive

Are they paying close attention to the clients? Do they watching for errors and making corrections? You want that flexibility to transfer into the workouts themselves and make adjustments to the original plan when necessary.

  • Motivating

I want you to feel capable, because you are! Challenged, but inspired. You should hire a trainer that makes you feel more powerful than you ever thought you could be.

  • Personable

Are they kind and enjoyable? Would you like working with him/her and their teaching style? This is just as important as everything else, and should be a huge factor in your decision. This is the person that will be holding you accountable. Your successes will be shared with them, and I want you to enjoy them with this person.

All of these things should be on your radar. This list will help you to keep your actions in line with your goals. So tell me, which quality is the most helpful for you and your goals? What do you expect from your trainer in return?

Keep living the fashionably fit life!


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