Abs are made in the kitchen, so to get toned abs in the new year you will need to put in some effort and work to get there. Toned abs are the result of a fitness journey that takes your lifestyle, eating habits and exercises into account as a collective approach. Today we will explore the steps you can take to work your way to toned abs.

Get toned abs

Eat right

The first and most important step to take is to eat right. Eating healthy food and going on a diet to avoid fatty and sugary foods will allow the body to burn fat reserves. Fat reserves sit on top of the abs and hide the muscles from view, so you will need to lose these before your toned abs will be visible. Eat clean to begin your journey to toned abs.

Abs are made in the kitchen. Eat clean to see your abs


Exercising is very important in getting toned abs and this doesn’t mean doing sit ups. Exercising means running and completing fitness activities that will increase the heart rate. By increasing the heart rate you increase your body’s metabolism and this will enable you to burn fat more effectively. If you increase your metabolism and eat clean you will start to become more lean and the abs will begin to show through.

Exercise regularly


Build your body not just your abs

Getting toned abs is about more than just exercising your abs. You also need to build strength in your core. Just doing sit ups will leave the rest of your body behind. Complete other exercises like chin-ups and lifting weights. These actions will help to strengthen your core and improve your abs. Running and cycling will even help your abs too, so complete a wide range of fitness activities to build your muscles and body up.

Workout every part of your body. You can’t spot reduce fat

Change your lifestyle

Getting toned abs requires a change of lifestyle and a healthier outlook on life check out my morning routine video on how to kickstart your day. To get those perfect abs you will need to put in some work to eat clean and improve your fitness. The results will all be worth it when you’re on the beach this coming summer or when your outfit look amazing on you. Look out for a video on my youtube channel of different ab exercises you can do at home.

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