Happy New Year Loves!! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I wanted to share how you can reach your fitness goals in the new year. I hope you enjoy the post. Please comment or contact me if you have questions.

Setting fitness goals is a practical way of keeping yourself motivated in the New Year. However, as adults, we often discard the need for having these goals. Whether your action plan is to walk around your house or participate in a marathon, goal setting shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s also best not to wait until you are thoroughly prepared and fully equipped with all you need. Instead, you should start with what you have. Approaching a health and fitness plan with this kind of determination will propel you to achieving your fitness goals, no matter how elusive they have been. Here are seven easy steps to help you plan your fitness journey.

1. Write down your long-term goals and make yourself responsible for them

You can paste the paper with your fitness goals on your refrigerator this New Year where you will see it every day or keep it in your purse or journal. Make sure they are measurable.

Set your fitness goals and write them dow

2. Break down your goals into short-term goals

These short-term mini goals are what you want to achieve each week and month to aid in reaching your long-term goals.

3. Make sure your goals are realistic and attainable

If you have set unattainable long-term goals, your short-term goals will also not be achievable which will result in you feeling frustrated. You will only be able to keep up with your goals if some progress motivates you.

4. Create SMART actionable steps to achieve your short-term goals

Have a planner app and be sure that whatever action you intend to take will fit into your schedule. When I am not competing, I use bodybuilding.com app for training, MyFitnessPal to track my meals, and a fitbit to track activity.

5. Ensure all your goals are yours

If the health and fitness goals are not yours, you will not be motivated to achieve them. Find ways to possess your goals.

6. Find fitness activities and healthy food options that you enjoy so that you will be able to have fun and reward yourself.

7. Measure your achievements each week and month

If you find you haven’t quite met your short-term goals, you can make adjustments to ensure you remain on track. Don’t get discouraged just keep pushing.

By following the above steps, you will be on the right track towards healthy living. If you want more details and information on how you can do this, listen to our podcast here, and remember to get in touch with me if you have questions.

Love Sade

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